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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.

Osomatsu-kun is a comedy manga series that began in 1962 and ran 34 volumes until 1969 in a variety of magazines.

It was adapted into several anime TV series. The first ran 60 episodes from 1966-7. The second 88 episodes from 1988-9, which also received the film "Suika no Hoshi Kara Konnichiwa Plaisance!" during its run.

The sequel installment's, the anime Osomatsu-san, first season began 2015 and ended in early 2016. Season 2 aired from October 2nd, 2017 and ended March 26th, 2018.

Anime (Osomatsu-kun)[edit]

Episode 24[edit]

Totoko, infected with an Iyami bug, devour's the Matsuno's feast and ends up stuffed.

Episode 28[edit]

Totoko and the sextuplets are going camping, and Chibita eats all of their food. Later, a feral Iyami eats all of their canned goods after demonstrating he's the only one who could open them and chugs their water. Chibita then forages for berries, resulting in a scene showing the sextuplets stuffed viewed from afar.

Episode 34[edit]

The sextuplets eat all of the family's dinner before their father arrives, leaving him with nothing.

Episode 69[edit]

Idol Totoko stuffs herself with bento boxes.

Manga (Osomatsu-kun)[edit]

Chibita's Head is the Best in the World (Issue #49)[edit]

Karamatsu stays at home and eats his family's entire supply of rice, and is then strung up into a tree by Chibita who thinks he is Osomatsu.

The Strict Ski Lodge (Issue #8-9)[edit]

An unkown brother (possibly Karamatsu or Jyushimatsu) stuffs himself with rice alongside Ichimatsu, who is serving it.

Anime (Osomatsu-san)[edit]

Season 1, First Opening[edit]

A brief scene during the opening has the sextuplets appearing deflated before Totoko inflates them, their bursting transitioning to the next scene.

Season 2, Episode 1[edit]

We flash forward to a possible future where the Matsuno brothers are immensely popular, and have become overweight (minus Ichimatsu, who is as skinny as a zombie) from being so wealthy.

Season 2, Episode 2[edit]

Karamatsu chugs a bottle of beer, bloating up quickly, and sprays it out of his nipples at Jyushimatsu during the NEETs' collective attempt to achieve fame through internet videos.

Season 2, Episode 6[edit]

Iyami faces hard times and decides to mooch off the sextuplets while their parents aren't home. He gladly cooks and eats a bunch of garbage around the house, which goes right through him. He chases them around while refusing to use their toilet.

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars: Battle Of The NEETs[edit]

Schoolmatsu Set[edit]

Jyushimatsu pats his swollen belly to use Todomatsu during his attack sequence, referring to the fact that Jyushimatsu did indeed slurp him up in the episode the unit hails from.

Christmas Set[edit]

Ichimatsu swells up to massive proportions from eating way too much cake, and ends up vomiting.

Princess Set[edit]

Osomatsu, dressed as Snow White, fattens up on apples.

Japanese Style Steam Punk Set[edit]

Jyushimatsu's attack for this unit involves Homura "helping" him win an eating competition.

18 Year Old Macaron set[edit]

18 Year old Osomatsu Stuffs himself as part of his attack animation.


Among a Collection of keychains where the NEETs are dressed as various fairytale characters, Jyushimatsu plays the part of Snow White, stuffed with apples.

Promotional Short[edit]

Jyushimnatsu enters a sleeping Osomatsu's dream where he's stuffing himself.