Open Season

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Open Season
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Open Season is a 2006 animated comedy film directed by Jill Culton, Roger Allers and Anthony Stacchi, and the first feature film produced by Sony Pictures Animation. Released on September 29, 2006, it has spawned two sequels released theatrically in select countries and direct-to-video everywhere else.

A large grizzly bear is living a happy life in the fictional town of Timberline, not too close to the forest, until he meets a mule deer named Elliot, whose left horn was removed in a car accident. This causes Boog to bond well enough with Elliot to get them both into trouble and sent back to the forest before open season. When open season does come, Boog and Elliot are caught up in a war of revenge between the animals and the hunters.

While they raid the grocery store, Boog and Elliot try out helium voices. Elliot inhales again, but ends up inflating instead.