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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.
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Genre Comedy
Demographic Seinen
Writer Shirow Shiratori
Publisher Square Enix
Magazine Young Gangan
Volumes 5
Directed by Shin Ōnuma
Studio Silver Link
Original run March 16, 2012 - present

No-Rin is a light novel written by Shirow Shiratori beginning in August 2011, with three ongoing mangas published the following two years and an anime adaptation realeased through January to late March 2014. It follows teenager Kōsaku Hata as he finds that his beloved teenage idol, Yuka Kusakabe, has moved into his school, and tries to get a chance to finally be with her.


Sob Salad (S01E07)[edit]

Kōsaku gets stuffed on his first meal, but he and Kei gain weight after the next one. They lose it shortly afterwards, only to find that Yuka and Minori have gained weight as well. However, this scene is curiously altered in the English Dub with Kōsaku and Kei still being noticeably fat.



Cheerful Farming Village (S01E11)[edit]

When asked by Kōsaku on how Minori's parents thought she was pregnant, her father pulls up his phone, which contains a picture of Minori, being fat from Episode 7.


Volume 5, Chapter 54[edit]

The manga further exaggerates Yuka and Minori's weight gain, as well as extending focus on their weight loss.

Volume 5, Chapter 55[edit]