New Normal: Class 8

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New Normal: Class 8 is a webcomic created by Youngpaka. It follows the life of Dongwon Kam, a boy with an abnormally large head. Due to the constant embarrassment he faces, he is transferred to another school and put in a class with other people who also have bizarre physical oddities.

No, Ayoung (Ep. 18)[edit]

Sunghoon eats enough food brought by Woosung that he bloats.

Hahaha (Ep. 35)[edit]

Dongwon eats ramyeon at Sunghoon's home and is surprised at how good it is.

Reminisce (2) (Ep. 50)[edit]

Dongwon and Sunghoon have ramyeon at the latter's home again.

A Midsummer Night's Promise (2) (Ep. 56)[edit]

The students have a good meal during their stay at Jeju Island.

[Season 2] Ep. 21[edit]

Sunghoon eats out with Yewon and her mother and gets bloated.

[Season 3] Ep. 15[edit]

Kyungri eats a little too much when with Mr. Do.

[Season 3] Ep. 62[edit]

[Season 5] Ep. 11[edit]

Yeonjoo envisions Hyukjin dumping her because she eats so much.