Nagasarete Airantou

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Nagasarete Airantou
Genre Harem
Demographic Shōnen
Writer Takeshi Fujishiro
Illustrator Takeshi Fujishiro
Publisher Gangan Comics
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan
Volumes 31
Started April 4, 2007
Ended September 26, 2007
Directed by Hideki Okamoto
Studio Feel
Original run January 2002 - present

Nagasarete Airantou (Cast Away... Airan Island) is a manga created by Takeshi Fujishiro that begun in January 2002 and continues to be published to this day. An anime adaptation ran from April to September in 2007. It is about a boy named Ikuto Tōhōin, who finds himself washed up on an island populated only by females.


Drifted Away (Volume 1, Chapter 1)[edit]

Suzu accidentally inflates Ikuto when trying to perform CPR on him.

Chased (Volume 1, Chapter 3)[edit]

Tonkatsu has the ability to blow up like a balloon whenever needed.

Sunset (Volume 1, Chapter 4)[edit]

Ayane hits Suzu with anesthetic while hiding underground, but Suzu brings her out by inflating her through the blowgun.


Drifted to Paradise?! (S01E01)[edit]

Being Chased After, Bridegroom (S01E02)[edit]

It is Delicious, Bride Training (S01E12)[edit]

Matchi cooks an enormous meal for Ikuto to win his love, surprisingly its Delicious despite looking awful. But she forces Ikuto and the girls to eat it all throughout the night and into the morning. While the girls simply get bellyaches, Ikuto looks ready to explode.