My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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My Gym Partner's a Monkey
My Gym Partner's a Monkey Logo.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Timothy Cahill
Julie McNally Cahill
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run December 26, 2005 - November 27, 2008

My Gym Partner's a Monkey is an animated series created by Tim Cahill and Julie McNally Cahill that premiered on Cartoon Network in 2005 and ran until 2008. A human boy named Adam Lyon gets transferred to Charles Darwin Middle School, a school for animals, due to a clerical error. He befriends Jake Spidermonkey and tries to deal with the problems of going to a school not meant for humans.

TV series[edit]

Chew on This (S01E03a)[edit]

Adam, sick of the animal food in the school cafeteria, manages to get human food served, which the animals quickly get hooked on.

Supplies Party (S01E10a)[edit]

Lupe swallows a ticket dispenser.

Leaf of Absence (S02E05b)[edit]

After Principal Pixiefrog takes time off, he sits around eating cheese bugs and watching TV. When Adam and Jake go to bring him back, a mosquito sucks Jake's blood, but he squeezes it back into his body.

The Two Jakes (S02E07b)[edit]

The clones of Adam and Jake age rapidly, putting on weight as they enter their "twilight years".

Pants in Space (S2E13b)[edit]

Jake drinks tropical fruit punch at an alien bar, which instantly makes him fat and ball-shaped.

The Little Mermonkey (S03E02b)[edit]

A hermit crab named Herman eats some chum and gets too big for his shell.

Gorilla My Dreams (S03E04a)[edit]

Windsor hides from Deb inside Slips. He also does the same with Jake.

The Hyena and The Mighty (S04E01a)[edit]

In a game of kickball, Slips pitches by spitting up the ball.

A Mid Semester Life's Dream (S04E02b)[edit]

Miss Chameleon eats some frozen yogurt and gets brain freeze.

The Notorious Windsor Gorilla (S04E04a)[edit]

Slips eats a painting Adam made, causing his body to form a giant square shape before digesting it.

Synch or Swim (S04E06b)[edit]

Jake's butt bomb drains all the water out of the swimming pool, and Pixiefrog rushes to fill a dolphin student with water to help him.

Mountain Dude (S04E09b)[edit]

To make Jake act like a spider monkey again, Mr. Mandrill puts ticks in Adam's hair, which drink his blood.

Knights of the Multiplication Table (S04E10b)[edit]

A two-headed barbarian is portrayed by Slips with Windsor inside him.


The Big Field Trip[edit]

Two wild bears invade a family's picnic and eat all their food.