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Mitsudomoe (meaning Three-Way Struggle) is a manga series created by Norio Sakurai. It was later adapted into an anime with two seasons. The second is titled Mitsudomoe Zōryōchū!, but it was cut short. Satoshi Yabe begins his job as an elementary school teacher, but he is assigned to the class with the Marui triplets. Mitsuba, Futaba, and Hitoha are the most troublesome students at school. The series follows the lives of them and the other students.

We're gonna be xxxxxxx (S01E10)[edit]

Things get weird in 5 seconds (S01E11)[edit]

After Futaba squeezes Hitoha's cheeks, imagining they're C-cup breasts, she then begins to squeeze Mitsubas flab, before declaring her stomach an I-cup.

Later in the episode, Mitsuba is shown a vibrating ab belt advertisement. After finding an abandoned phone, she attempts to use it as one.

Later still, Mitsuba has stolen Yabecchi's phone. As it vibrates, Mitsuba discovers that it's moved to her back. Sugisaki suspects her, and attempts to get the phone. Futaba uses this oppurtunity to squeeze her stomach again though. After passing out in euphoria, other curious classmates follow suite.

Season 2 Opening[edit]

The Targeted Children! Countdown to Japan's Doom! (S02E01)[edit]

The Marui House is Full (S02E020[edit]

Hitoha begins to place a weight gain curse on Mitsuba.

Later in the episode at Christmas, Mitsuba is stuffed after eating all day.

Moe Thirty? (S02E07)[edit]

Hitoha bounces off Mitsuba's belly in a sliding contest.

These Three Girls Will Keep Going, On and On (S02E08)[edit]

Mitsuba eats sweet potatoes which causes her to noticeably bloat up with gas, she then has to fart but held it in. only to fart afterwards.