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The cover of Fed Fremtid (Jumbobog #144, 1993)

Mickey Mouse has appeared in over 250 comic publications around the world. While Donald Duck is more popular in comics, Mickey has been featured in comic books, magazines and newspapers, the latter finishing in the early 90's. Many of these comics have faded into obscurity, but information can be found in the Inducks database.

Super Goof[edit]

The Time-Flower Bamboozle (#22, 1972)[edit]

Newspaper strips[edit]

June 6th 1969[edit]

August 18th 1979[edit]

Morty, Ferdie and Pluto step on a scale. One of them seems to have gained weight beforehand.

January 9th 1980[edit]

Pluto is too fat, so Mickey puts a "Do Not Feed" sign next to him.

February 22nd 1982[edit]

A fortune cookie from a scale causes Minnie to gain weight.

July 22nd 1984[edit]

Minnie gets nightmares of Mickey fattening her up after having a midnight snack.

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