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MegaMan NT Warrior, known as Rockman.EXE in Japan, is a manga and anime series based on the Mega Man Battle Network video game series, a spin-off of the Mega Man franchise. The manga debuted in 2001 with the anime series broadcast a year later, both finishing in 2006.

The series follows fifth-grader Lan Hikari and his friends as they use their NetNavis, Lan's being MegaMan.EXE, to stop NetCrime organizations from producing any threats.

The Great Curry Battle (S01E31)[edit]

Being a lover of curry, Lan tries all different kinds of curry while on vacation, eventually fattening himself up for a while.

Chisao's in Town (S01E54)[edit]

Lan stuffs himself with curry, and so do his friends.

Commander Beef Returns (S02E32)[edit]

Lan, Maylu, Tory and Rush stuff themselves with sushi.

Jawaii Curry and Tomahawk (S03E12)[edit]

Lan becomes rivals with Dingo, also a fan of curry, and so perform an eating contest against each other. When it turns out to be a draw, they settle for a NetBattle with their bellies still stuffed with curry.

Pink Punch Meiru (S03E28)[edit]

Wishing Upon an Empty Can (S05E09)[edit]

Blackbeard and Yuika bloat themselves up emptying a whole pile of cans.