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Maya & Miguel is an American animated children's TV show created by Deborah Forte and produced by Scholastic Studios. The show ran on PBS Kids from October 2004 to October 2007 with a total of 5 seasons and 65 episodes. The show's premise focuses on the slice-of-life antics of twins Maya and Miguel and the lessons they learn alongside their friends and family. Maya is energetic and always eager to help in any way she can, while Miguel is much more level-headed and focused on sports and drawing.

The Wrestler Next Door (S2E10)[edit]

Paco fills up on desserts in the bakery's display case.

The Wedding (S4E09)[edit]

Paco eats the entire first batch of cookies prepared for the wedding.

Then when Maya thinks one of ceremonial gold coins she lost might have wound up in the second batch of cookies, she and Miguel quickly eat all of them to look for it to no avail.

The Big Fight (S4E12)[edit]

Paco accidentally fills up with water from the hose Andy was using to fill a cooler.