Looney Tunes (comics)

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Looney Tunes
Looney tunes 100-00fc.jpg
Genre Comedy
Creator Warner Bros.
Publisher DC Comics
Country United States
Original run April 1994 - present

Looney Tunes has been adapted into comics since 1941. Up until 1962, these comics were published by Dell Publishing, followed by Gold Key Comics until 1984. In 1990 and 1993, DC Comics published two three-issue comic book series entitled Bugs Bunny, followed by a long-running comic book in 1994 that continues to run today, although the majority of these new issues have less new stories than reprints of older stories.

There's No Worse Nurse (Beep Beep the Road Runner #47, 1974)[edit]

Food Feud (Bugs Bunny #233, 1981)[edit]

As Bugs Bunny goes on a carrot-free diet, Daffy spots Bugs' leftover food and eats it all when Bugs decides to go back to carrots.

Pizza the Action (#2, 1994)[edit]

Daffy attempts to cheat on the competition against Bugs' pizza restaurant by letting loose Taz, but this does not go according to plan.

Happy 40th Birthday, Taz (#6, 1994)[edit]

The Last Laugh! (#9, 1994)[edit]

Space Jam (1996)[edit]

The scene where Wayne Knight's character, Stan Podolak, gets inflated in typical cartoon fashion is recreated in comic form.

Once a Toon, Always a Toon (#27, 1997)[edit]

King of the Roost (#50, 1999)[edit]

The Postman Always Brings Mice (#53, 1999)[edit]

Sylvester Jr., Jr. (#55, 1999)[edit]

Movie Minute (#55, 1999)[edit]

Barnyard Banzai (#60, 2000)[edit]

A Cheesey Afternoon (#65, 2000)[edit]

The Hypno-Crite (#66, 2000)[edit]

What Dis Country Needs (#72, 2001)[edit]

Goin' Native (#72, 2001)[edit]

A Hare Gone Conclusion (#75, 2001)[edit]

#77, 2001[edit]

Birthday Blowout (#84, 2002)[edit]

Rodeo Rabbit (#93, 2002)[edit]

Mighty Insure of Himself (#95, 2002)[edit]

My Fair Poultry (#104, 2003)[edit]

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fudd (#112, 2004)[edit]

The Goofy Gophers become bloated after winning against a gigantic Elmer Fudd's protection over his garden.

Bugsy Bo Peep (#115, 2004)[edit]

Present Tense (#121, 2005)[edit]

Medical Cat-Tention (#122, 2005)[edit]

Cowabunga Bunny (#127, 2005)[edit]

30-Minute Melee (#207, 2012)[edit]

Trojan Horseplay (Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil Special #1, 2017)[edit]

Unknown Comics[edit]

Wile E. Coyote ends up being bloated from drinking too much water.

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