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Lis Leon (Leon the Fox) is a Polish animated series. The first season has been being made in years 1981-1984, while the second on in years 1992-1993. The cartoon is about a friendly, yet eccentric and gluttonous fox named Leon. His most prominent friend is a beaver, who's pretty much more collected than Leon. They both are having various adventures.

Tort/The Cake (S01E03)[edit]

When Leon smells the cake, he starts to following it blindly. As he keeps going, he walks into the water. When he comes out, he ends up with a bloated belly, until the water squeezes out of him by passing through the tight hollow.

Later in the episode, Leon stole the cake his beaver friend made. He locked himself in his house and swallowed the cake whole, with his belly visibly bulging. However, it returned to normal just as he swallowed it.

Wyścig na torze/Race on the Track (S01E06)[edit]

Leon's car got a flat tire, so he decided to inflate the tire using his mouth. However, the air from the tire went back to him, so his belly got ballooned up and he started to float. He deflated quickly though.

Koszmarna noc/A Dreadful Night (S01E09)[edit]

In this episode, Leon had to stay at his beaver friend's home for the night, since his own home got flooded because of the strong rain. When the beaver was asleep, Leon sneaked out of the bed, imitating sleepwalking and went to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and ate everything inside, which gave him a pot belly.

Poszukiwacze złota/Gold Seekers (S01E10)[edit]

Leon and Beaver are looking for gold. Leon dives into the water while Beaver pumps air into him. However, the hose breaks and Beaver ties it, so it will work again. However, it increased the pressure and bloated Leon, so he started to float on the water. When Beaved pulled the hose, Leon instantly started deflating.