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Lilpri is an anime adapted from a Sega game of the same name. Its full title is Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri. The princesses and their worlds are disappearing from Fairyland, which affects Earth where their stories are popular. The Queen sends the Ma-Pets to Earth to find the girls who can become "Super Miracle Idols". Using magic gems, those girls become singing superstars/princesses and collect Happiness Tones to save Fairyland.

The Ma-Pets' Big Mistake! Pri! (S01E02)[edit]

The Ma-Pets end up eating all the apple pies that Ringo's parents were going to sell.

Dai's on a Diet! Pri! (S01E43)[edit]

Dai has gained weight because of his eating habits. He is put on a diet, but ends up getting fatter after a week. He sees a squirrel show with Leila and subconsciously comes back at night for food, but is unable to leave. He then becomes the show's star. During the would-be final show, Dai is blown away by the wind, and Sei can't help him due to eating too much. Dai becomes so scared that his weight disappears, just before Leila catches him.

Otohime's Hospitality (S01E45)[edit]

The girls and the Ma-Pets are served food by Otohime. Because Otohime's hospitality makes time go faster, they get hungry again and keep eating until she stops.