Li'l Abner

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Li'l Abner
Author Al Capp
Syndicate United Feature Syndicate
Country United States
Original run August 13, 1934 - November 13, 1977

Li'l Abner is an American comic strip series created by Al Capp, which syndicated from August 1934 to November 1977. Set in the fictional hillbilly town of Dogpatch, U.S.A., it has been hailed for its commentary on Southern culture and society, and for its impact on America itself, inspiring a generation of satirical comic strips and popularizing phrases like "shmoo" as an official part of the English language.

March 3, 1948[edit]

August 20-December 22, 1948[edit]

Abner brings the shmoos over from the Valley of the Shmoon, which provides the citizens of Dogpatch plenty to eat. This puts Soft-Hearted John's store close to bankruptcy, as people would rather eat shmoos than anything else. Some people, the McPole family for instance, have already gotten fat off of shmoo meat.

Later that night, some varmints try to poach the Yokums' shmoos, and they overindulge to the unfortunate point of immobility.

June 2-August 3, 1954[edit]

In an effort to ruin Daisy Mae and have Abner to herself, an unnamed woman without a heart and cold lips pushes her down into Duffy's Cavern. A week later, she has survived on mud mushrooms, the most fattening food known to Dogpatch, and escapes to take care of her baby before anyone can find her. When she is outside, she is constantly body-shamed until an artist captures her to pose as a model, but not without starving her for weeks first.

The Descent and Rise of Edward R. Mushroom (December 6, 1956-March 3, 1957)[edit]

Abner is trapped in a cave of mud mushrooms while trying to harvest them. He consumes the mud mushrooms and gains amnesia as well as too much weight for anyone to recognize him.