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Legendz is a media franchise created by WiZ and Bandai. The franchise began in 2003 with the release of a manga in Monthly Shōnen Jump. The anime, Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryūō Densetsu (レジェンズ 甦る竜王伝説), was animated by Studio Gallop and aired on Fuji TV from 2004 to 2005. A GBA game called Legendz: Island of Ordeal (レジェンズ甦る試練の島) was released on July 2004.[1]

In contrast to series like Pokémon, the focus of the anime is on the backstory of the monsters instead of training them. The main character is a boy named Shuzo "Shu" Matsutani (シュウゾウ・マツタニ) accompanied by his Legendz Shiron the Windragon (シロン). For unknown reasons a company called The Dark Wiz (DWC) wishes to capture all of the Legendz and harness their power. Many monsters allied with DWC help them in this undertaking.

Episode 20: Take Me Out To The Sky[edit]

After removing his disguise, Salamander attacks Shuzo with his fire-spurting tail. He then inserts the hose into his mouth and inflates before using his ability "Shift Element".


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