Jelly Jamm

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Jelly Jamm
JellyJamm 1024X768.jpg
Genre Preschool
Developer Carlos L. Del Rey
Víctor M. López
David Cantolla
Production company Vodka Capital
737 Shaker
Country Spain
Original run September 5, 2011 - December 29, 2013

Jelly Jamm is a computer-animated series aimed at children ages 4-7. It is produced by the Spanish companies Vodka Capital and 737 Shaker. It focuses on five friends - Bello, Mina, Rita, Goomo, and Ongo - and their adventures on the planet Jammbo, the place where all music in the universe comes from. As such, music is a major part of the show.

Rita Adopts a Dodo (S01E08)[edit]

Rita finds an injured Dodo and takes care of him until he recovers. She overfeeds him, making movement hard, but she thinks his foot just hasn't healed yet. After Ongo shows what the real problem is, Rita helps the Dodo get back in shape.