Inspector Gadget (2015 series)

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Inspector Gadget
Genre Adventure
Developer Andy Heyward
Jean Chalopin
Bruno Bianchi
Production company DHX Media
Country Canada
United States
Original run January 3, 2015 - May 18, 2018

Inspector Gadget is a Canadian/American computer-animated sequel series to the 1983 cartoon of the same name, produced by DHX Media and debuting in Australia in January 2015, appearing as a Netflix exclusive in the United States the following March, and concluding in May 2018. Following the original series rather than its spin-offs, the series depicts Gadget as he comes out of retirement and includes Penny, now an agent at the age of 14, and Brain by his side to stop Dr. Claw after he was thawed out of an iceberg, as well as his nephew Talon.

A Better Class of MAD (S01E04a)[edit]

Brain daydreams himself and Penny being fed endless amounts of Madalena's dog biscuits and cookies upon first sight of a dog biscuit.

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