Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter X Hunter
Genre Animation, Action, Adventure, Shonen
Developer Yoshihiro Togashi
Production company Studio Mad House, Shonen Jump Weekly
Country Japan
Original run October 8 2011 - September 24, 2014

Hunter X Hunter[edit]

Hunter X Hunter, Is a long running Shonen Jump Weekly series staring in 1998 and received two anime adaptions one in 1999 by Nippon and a 2011 reboot by Studio Mad House. The Series follows Gon, a young boy who becomes a Hunter to find his Father.

Episode 103[edit]

Hina can absorb Nen into her stomach to remove curses. It makes her stomach bloat up, however.

Episode 103.png

Episode 110[edit]

After taking a bath, Hina remarks how her exorcism ability has ruined her figure.

Chapter 261[edit]