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Hora do Rock (which roughly translates as: Hour of Rock) is a Brazilian animated series created and directed by Gustavo Amaral, and produced by Oca Animation. The series debuted in December 2018 with a total of 26 episodes available exclusively on the Gloob online streaming service: Globoplay. The show’s premise centers around a group of unpopular kids in a garage band who play video game instruments that allow them to travel through time, meet historical figures, and alter history.

Gulodance (S1E21)[edit]

The band goes back in time to 19th century Czech Republic and convinces Gregor Mendel to experiment with junk food instead of plants, which results in plant/junk food hybrids appearing in the present and junk food being considered healthy, causing some people to become overweight. Fred and Duda also put on weight from the excessive junk food and are then too out of shape to participate in the UV Shake Dance Championship until they eventually eat healthier food.