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Harry & Bunnie is a Malaysian animated comedy series produced by Animasia Studio and broadcast on Disney Channel in Southeast Asia since May 2016. It is a slapstick-based series featuring a young magician and his stage rabbit.

Harry’s Magic Brush (S1E03c)[edit]

Bunnie stops a literal monster truck by filling it up with gasoline.

Saving Private Carrot (S1E7b)[edit]

A worm feasts on Bunnie’s carrot garden, then later Bunnie defeats a giant monster worm by inflating it with a pump on the inside.

Bunnie on a Diet (S1E13a)[edit]

Bunnie’s excessive eating causes him to put on too much weight. To help get him back into shape, Katty tries several different methods of weight loss to little effect. By running from a crazed shark, Bunnie slims back down to his normal size, but Katty gained weight from snacking on Bunnie’s junk food while she was helping him.

Castaway (S1E21a)[edit]

Harry and Bunnie inflates a broken inflatable raft that washed ashore, which revealed to be leaking. After Harry repaired the holes, they attempt to inflate it again, only to cause blowback between each other. Eventually, they overinflated the raft and causing it to pop, sending the two getting thrown onto the ground.

Pet Competition (S1E23c)[edit]

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Mandy’s snake swallows a poodle while waiting in line to sign-up.

Then the creature Bunnie enters into the pet competition drinks massive amounts of water twice in the episode (a swimming pool and the flood caused by Harry's attempt to sabotage the competition), but only gets a potbelly.

Garden Mayhem (S1E24a)[edit]

Parched from the heat, Harry drinks all the water in the tower by the gardening shed.

Dessert Fantasia (S1E24b)[edit]

After flinging corn cobs into a volcano, Bunnie creates an abundance of popcorn and proceeds to eat it all before being pursued by Harry again.