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Hamtaro (Tottoko Hamutaro in Japan) is a children's anime series produced by TMS Entertainment and aired on TV Tokyo from July 7, 2000 to March 31, 2006. It is based on the children's book and manga series of the same name by Ritsuko Kawai and published by Shogakukan. It has also been translated into numerous languages and aired in other countries (albeit not covering the entire series in most dubs).

The series follows the adventures of a young hamster named Hamtaro and his friends, the Ham-Hams, who meet up in a clubhouse built by their leader, Boss.

The Precious Letter! (S2E12)[edit]

Boss pigs out on sunflower seeds upon returning from his trip with Jingle.

Sweet Paradise (S8E14)[edit]

Oxnard eats up a lot of the Sweet Paradise, causing him to inflate and float helplessly.

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