Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is a Disney animated series created by Alex Hirsch, premiering in 2012. For summer vacation, twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon to stay with their great-uncle ("Grunkle") Stan, who runs a tourist trap named the Mystery Shack. Dipper finds a mysterious journal that contains information about supernatural and paranormal happenings in the town, leading him and Mabel on adventures to uncover the local mysteries.

TV series[edit]

The Inconveniencing (S01E05)[edit]

Mabel eats too much Smile Dip and hallucinates.

Weirdmageddon Part 1 (S02E18)[edit]

In a game of "Spin the Person," Pyronica eats Hectorgon whole.

Gravity Falls: Lost Legends[edit]

In the story "Don't Dimension It," Mabel ends up in MAB-3L, a dimension where alternate universe versions of herself have gotten trapped, including a fat one.