George of the Jungle (2007 series)

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George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle (2007 TV series).png
Genre Comedy
Developer Jay Ward
Production company Studio B Productions
Classic Media
Bullwinkle Studios
Country United States
Original run June 29, 2007 - February 17, 2017

George of the Jungle is a Flash-animated reboot of the original Jay Ward series of the same name that originally aired from June 2007 to January 2008, with a second season debuting in early 2015. It follows the misadventures of the bumbling George as he attempts to protect the jungle inhabitants. Supporting characters include Ape and Ursula, as in the original series and movie, along with Shep as well as native girl Magnolia, who starts off as a fashionista valley girl type, but in Season 2 has been changed to feral, more closely resembling a girl raised in the jungle. Also the girls' names have been switched in Season 2.

Cousin Larry of the Jungle (S01E03b)[edit]

George partakes in a pie-eating contest, winning by 100 pies.

Little Orphan Anteater (S01E08b)[edit]

The anteater comes in handy when the house is flooded by a colony of ants.

George Skips Breakfast (S01E13a)[edit]

After waiting all day for George to join them for breakfast, George and his friends finally manage to enjoy the gargantuan meal that night.

The Goat of Christmas Presents (S01E23b)[edit]

Bringing Silverback (S02E01a)[edit]

Kings and Little Ones (S02E05b)[edit]

George does CPR on an unconscious skunk, and every attempt gives it so much air that it deflates straight into a giraffe's mouth.

Renaissance Ape (S02E06a)[edit]

George spies on Ape and Dr. Chicago from inside a snake.

Bananium Deficiency (S02E07a)[edit]

Nature's Call (S02E08a)[edit]

George gets an elephant out of a snake, only to have himself and the elephant shoved back in by Ursula.

Later, jungle animals have gone soft from George helping them, further evidenced by an out-of-shape squirrel and eagle.

Later still, Ursula tries to get a frog to eat a cricket, but it doesn't, so she eats George to demonstrate.

Steve of the Jungle (S02E09a)[edit]

George has swelled up due to a horrible allergic reaction, causing him to be replaced by a superior hero named Steve.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner (S02E09b)[edit]

George, Ape, Ursula and Magnolia defeat the asparagus aliens by eating all of them up no matter what they taste like.

Meet Meat (S02E10a)[edit]

Sour Milk (S02E11a)[edit]

Valley of the Magnolias (S02E11b)[edit]

After Magnolia gets herself the endangered status, she makes George cater to her whims. At one point, it prevents him from saving the hook-billed hiccup bird, which really is endangered.

Lovecano (S02E13b)[edit]

Ape puts George inside a cake to surprise Ursula. However, she eats it whole before he can reveal himself.

Lying Cloth (S02E14b)[edit]

George helps a small giraffe eat the leaves on a tree.

Mess of Kings (S02E15a)[edit]

Dr. Chicago shoots missiles filled with badger butter at George, giving him a severe allergic reaction.

Rip van George (S02E15b)[edit]

Mama Chicago (S02E16a)[edit]

Swirl (S02E17a)[edit]

Wet Behind the Ears (S02E18a)[edit]

Georgus Ex Machina (S02E18b)[edit]

George Lays an Egg (S02E20b)[edit]

Excalibanana (S02E21a)[edit]

The animals eat every one of Dr. Chicago's clones.

The Flavour of Science (S02E21b)[edit]

Magnolia eats a bunch of crunch bugs, which makes her incredibly smart.



Master of Macho (S02E23b)[edit]

George is eaten by a plant after Tiger Titherage throws him into it.

Trial by Jungle (S02E24a)[edit]

Magnolia picks a burger from the burger tree, but has an ingredient she's allergic to.

Slothpocalypto (S02E24b)[edit]

George swallows a stick of dynamite.