Garfield and Friends

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Garfield and Friends
Genre Comedy
Developer Jim Davis
Production company Film Roman
United Media
Lee Mendelson
Paws Inc.
Country United States
Original run September 17, 1988 - December 10, 1994
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Garfield and Friends is an animated TV based on Jim Davis' comic strips Garfield and U.S. Acres. Running from September 1988 to December 1994, the show was produced by Film Roman and United Media Productions, then by Paws Inc. and Lee Mendelson Productions with a total of 7 seasons as well 12 similarly produced TV specials. The show featured episode segments for both comic strips, but more often focused on stories about Garfield.


Nighty Nightmare (S01E03a)[edit]

Garfield goes to sleep after eating too much pizza. He has a dream about eating massive portions of food all the time. After eating all the food in town, he grows into a giant monster and is abducted by aliens who want him to be Thanksgiving dinner for planet Clarion.

Weighty Problem (S01E07a)[edit]

A fat Garfield is shown sitting on the episode’s title card.

Basket Brawl (S02E14a)[edit]

Among the other things he eats before it’s packed away for the picnic, Garfield eats a whole watermelon and an entire seven-layer cake.

Fit for a King (S03E08a)[edit]

Garfield tells the story of “The Royal Appetite” about Jon the Wide (played by a fattened up Jon Arbuckle), an overweight king whose kingdom’s economy was annually payed with his weight measured in gold. The Duke of Burke planned to usurp the throne by giving Jon the Wide an insatiable cat (played by Garfield) that would eat all his food and cause him to lose weight by the next weigh-in. Jon then crowns the now overweight cat as king, whose weight was more than enough to make the kingdom even richer than before, but most of the gold was then spent of more food for the royal cat.

The Garfield Workout (S03E14c)[edit]

In explaining indications that you might be overweight, a slightly fatter Garfield shows one example being falling down and not realizing it for days.

The Garfield Opera (S05E11c)[edit]

In the climax of the opera, Garfield tricks Ann McPherson into thinking he severely underweight by wearing a girdle. She then threatens to arrest Jon unless he starts feeding Garfield and fattening him up. As the opera’s final ballad continues, Garfield eats more and more until he ends up as big as planet Earth.

The Garfield Rap (S05E16c)[edit]

Garfield gradually gets fatter throughout segments of his music video.

Food Fighter (S07E11c)[edit]

Jon gets a job preparing food for heavyweight boxing champion George Fisticuff, who is on a strict diet to maintain his weight. However, Garfield’s influence causes him to overeat and become too full to fight his opponent, Crusher Krellman. Jon and Garfield then get the idea to feed Crusher as well, which leads to both fighters being too bloated and sleepy to compete during the match.

TV Specials[edit]

A Garfield Christmas Special[edit]

Grandma Arbuckle feeds Garfield and Odie under the table.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving[edit]

Garfield and Odie wind up stuffed from the Thanksgiving dinner to the point where Odie can’t even get up off the couch.

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