Garfield and Friends

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Garfield and Friends
Genre Comedy


Developer Jim Davis
Production company Flim Roman

United Media Lee Mendelson Paws Inc.

Country United States
Original run September 17,1988 - December 10,1994
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Garfield and Friends is a TV cartoon continuation, running from 1988 to 1994, of Jim Davis's comic strip Garfield.

Nighty Nightmare (s01e03)[edit]

Garfield goes to sleep after eating too much pizza.  He has a dream about eating massive portions all the time.  Eventually, he eats so much he grows into a giant monster and is abducted by aliens who want him to be Thanksgiving dinner for planet Clarion.

Fit for a King (s03e08)[edit]

Garfield tells the story of The Royal Appetite about Jon the Wide, a king whose weight was measured in gold.  But he loses a dramatic amount of weight as his cat surpasses him and is adored by the royalty.

The Garfield Rap (s05e16)[edit]

Garfield's Thanksgiving[edit]

Garfield has been fighting his vet Liz the whole special to enjoy a food-filled Thanksgiving. He finally succeeds.

A Garfield Christmas Special[edit]

Jon, Garfield and Odie arrive at Jon's relatives' house on Christmas Eve. Grandma spoils Garfield throughout, including when they have dinner.

The Garfield Workout[edit]



Basket Brawl[edit]

The Garfield Opera[edit]

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