Future Card Buddyfight (series)

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Future Card Buddyfight (series)
Future Card Buddyfight Logo.png
Genre Action
Directed by Shigetaka Ikeda
Studio OLM, Inc.
Dentsu Entertainment
Original run January 4, 2014 - present

Future Card Buddyfight is a media franchise based on the collectible card game by Bushiroad. The card game was released worldwide on January 2014 and was shortly followed by an anime. The anime (produced by OLM) has been aired by both Dentsu and an official Youtube page in which all of the episodes are available. A manga adaptation has been serialized in CoroCoro Comic since November 2013 and is currently ongoing.

The plot of the anime takes place in the year 2030. Humans have the ability to summon "Buddy Monsters" in the competitive game of "Buddyfight". One such human is Gao Mikado, a student at Aibo Academy. When Gao draws a rare card from a pack he encounters a hero from the Dragon World: Drum Bunker Dragon. Alongside his new ally, Gao competes in various Buddyfight Cups and combats evil monsters who have arrived from Darkness Dragon World.

Future Card Buddyfight Triple D (Season 3)[edit]

Scary! Gaito's Impact Monster! (S3E03)[edit]

After Gao wins Bal's loyalty back with dozens of boxes of pizza, Bal's gluttony leaves him useless in the Buddyfight against Gaito Kurouzu. When Gao summons Bal into battle and transforms him into Dragon of the Shining Sun, Bal is still so full that he can only participate by throwing his sword.

Hooray! Cho-Tokyo Championship Final Festival! (S3E14)[edit]

Bal undergoes "special training" with Genma, which seems to be simply locking him in a warehouse filled with boxes of pizza. When Genma brings Gao to him, Bal has already grown to a massive size from eating so much. Later on while wondering where Gao and Bal are, Genma brings Baku and Kuguru to the warehouse to find Gao binging on pizza and putting on weight as well. Despite this, they both eventually arrive at stadium on the day of the championship battle against Dai with their original physiques.

Pow! Great Full Bal Lariat! (S315)[edit]

It is revealed by Genma in this episode that Bal and Gao being instructed to eat pizza and put on weight was only the first part of their training with him. Over the course of time leading up to the battle with Dai, they vigorously sparred with Genma and Martial Arts Dragon Emperor Duel Sieger to turn their recently acquired fat into muscle. This explains why they both appeared fit again upon arriving at the championship battle.

Future Card Buddy Fight X (Season 4)[edit]

Gao vs Kanata! Batzz, Drum, and Bal United![edit]

Batzz and Drum get bloated from eating too much food.