Final Fantasy Unlimited

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Final Fantasy Unlimited is the story about two children who travel to a world called wonderland in search of their missing parents. They meet up with a martial artist named Lisa, and a mysterious wanderer named Kaze who has a strange weapon called the magun, which when paired with its ammo(called soil), can summon powerful beings. Together, they travel through the world trying to find the parents of the children and stop the guadiam empire. 

Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness;[edit]

.Kaze fires an attack(Phoenix) from his weapon at a monster, who absorbs it. The power winds up being too great, and causes the monster to expand to spherical proportions before bursting.

Fungus: Eternal Life[edit]

Fungus, one of the lords of Guadiam and first main antagonists the group faces, is hit by Kaze's Phoenix attack and swells up like the monster, before violently exploding.