Ernest & Celestine

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Ernest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine is a 2012 French animated film set released in March 2014, although it recieved a DVD release in the UK in June 2013, several months after its premiere at the London Film Festival. It was directed by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar of A Town Called Panic fame, and Benjamin Renner.

Based on the children's books by Gabrielle Vincent, the story follows a young mouse named Celestine as she does her duty to steal lost bear cubs' teeth in the above world like the other mice and bring them back underground for the dentist. One morning after being caught in the act, a poor bear named Ernest finds her in a trash can and soon they learn to like each other, but the two worlds have yet to learn what their friendship means.

When Celestine first meets Ernest, she tells him the dangers of eating mice and suggests that he should try something better. She shows him through a window on the ground all the candy in the nearest candy store. When the candy store owner walks down the stairs to get the candy, he sees Ernest with a full belly and a chocolate-covered mouth. Ernest tries to escape through the window but cannot fit.