Epic Mickey (series)

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Epic Mickey is a video game series starring Disney's famous mascot, Mickey Mouse. We join our small hero on a big adventure where he gains the powers of a mystical brush that allows him to render things into existence with blue paint and dissipate them with green paint otherwise known as thinner paint. This story takes place in a realm of lost and forgotten toons mostly being the classic black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons with the residents being other forgotten characters such as the black and white versions of all of the Mickey Mouse Character and Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit who appeared to be Mickey Mouse's rival in the first game and ally in the second.

This game also runs on a karma system where whatever you choose to do with your paint powers would reflect the story resulting in a good ending if you choose to only create and repair things with the good blue paint or a bad ending where you choose to only eliminate and destroy with the green paint.


The Epic Mickey series has reoccurring enemies called Spladooshes who are already really fat to begin with to the point where all they can do is hop in place while sitting down. When agitated or awakened from their slumber, they would growl at the player before inflating and bursting.