Dropkick on My Devil!

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An adaptation of Yukiwo's manga focusing on the witch Yurine Hanazono and Jashin, a demonic naga she summoned from hell and the various other supernatural entities that enter their day-to-day lives.


Chapter 86[edit]

Jashin has gained weight from Medusa's indulgence


Season 1[edit]

Season 1: Episode 3[edit]

Jashin binges on strawberry juice after being dumped by her partner Medusa, leading to an all-too-brief epiphany that she's been taking her (and her financial support) for granted.

Season 1: Episode 5[edit]

Pekora refuses to accept Yurine's generosity by enjoying the lunch she gave her which led to Jashin eating it for her.

Season 1: Episode 8[edit]

When Minos tells Yurine that the devils eat the same amount of peanuts as their age at the end of a festival, she imagines what Jashin, Medusa, and Minos would look like if they ate the same amount of peanuts as their age

Season 2 (Dropkick On My Devil!! Dash)[edit]

Season 2: Episode 8[edit]

Jashin fills up on a bargain bowl of curry