Dragon Drive

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Dragon Drive
Dragon Drive Logo.png
Genre Adventure
Science fiction
Demographic Shōnen
Writer Kenichi Sakura
Illustrator Kenichi Sakura
Publisher Shueisha
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Jump
Volumes 14
Original run March 2001 - January 2006
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Dragon Drive (ドラゴンドライブ Doragon Doraibu) is a Japanese media franchise created by Kenichi Sakura. The series began with a manga that was published by Shueisha and serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump. This ran for a total of 14 volumes before publication ended on January 5, 2006. The series also received an anime adaptation that aired from 2002 to 2003 on TV Tokyo. The series received a TCG which was never localized in English.

Both adaptations follow Reiji Ozora, a lazy middle school student with poor work ethic. After seeing him fail in school, Reiji's friend Maijko Yukino decides to cheer him up with a virtual reality game at the local arcade: Dragon Drive. Upon joining the game Reiji is given an equally lazy partner in the form of Chibi, a small white dragon who enjoys sleeping. Soon, Reiji realizes that Chibi is the rarest dragon in the game and both of them are destined for great things.

(Volume 2, Chapter 5)[edit]

While practicing on dragon training grounds, Kampa and Reiji encounter an Ashura Dragon. It inflates before firing a massive fireball at Chibi's true form.