Dibo the Gift Dragon

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Dibo the Gift Dragon is CGI animated television show. Dibo is a big friendly dragon who lives in Cozy Land. When his friends have a problem, they only need to make a wish and Dibo will give them something to help.

Elo Catches A Cold (Episode 22)[edit]

Elo has a cold from playing in the rain, and his sneezes are big enough to blow his friends away. So Dibo gives Elo a snout protector to protect everyone from his sneezes. However, Elo inflates from his sneezes and crashes everywhere as he deflates.

Fish Balloons (Short Episode 4)[edit]

The Hungry Fish are eating Elo's and Bunny's balloons from their balloon basket. So that they don't keep falling and be in the sky, Elo inflates some balloons until he mistakes the Hungry Fish for balloons and inflate them.