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Danger Mouse is a British cartoon series created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall that originally ran from September 1981 to March 1992. A highly successful series during its run, a minor character was spun off into his own series, Count Duckula, and a reboot is in development for 2015 with more visible female characters, due to a lack of any in the original show as a whole.

A parody of fictional spies like Danger Dan, it features Danger Mouse, an English mouse who works as a secret agent alongside his sidekick Penfold to thwart the plans of the evil frog Baron Silas Greenback.

Custard: Episode 5 (S02E05)[edit]

The Custard Mite of Glut will eat any custard he sees, but does not look any different except when the whole land is flooded in custard.