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Courage the Cowardly Dog is an animated horror/comedy series created by John R Dilworth which aired on Cartoon Network from 1999 to 2002. The show stars Courage, a cowardly dog who lives with Muriel and Eustace Bagge on a farm in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas. In each episode, Courage, Muriel and Eustace encounter numerous supernatural phenomenons from zombies to aliens. Despite being cowardly, Courage must protect his family from dangers.

Heads of Beef (S01E11a)[edit]

Courage inflates to imitate Jean Bon's Head of Beef to Eustace before he scares him with his mask.

Human Habtrail (S02E05a)[edit]

Dr. Gerbil feeds Muriel and Eustace green jelly, causing them to puff up and fly around the room like balloons losing air.

The Transplant (S02E09b)[edit]

Kangaroo Courage repeatedly launches croissants from his slingshot, propelling them into Kangaroo Eustace's mouth, causing him to gain weight.

Katz Under the Sea (S03E06a)[edit]

Courage uses a tank of water to save the entire town of Nowhere from the huge flood.

Angry Nasty People (S03E10b)[edit]

Eustace blows Courage up like a balloon in a recording on the TV.



Dome of Doom (S03E11a)[edit]

When the mutant vegetables are defeated, Eustace eats their remains. His newly gained weight causes him to fall through the floor.

King of Flan (S03E13a)[edit]

The entire town of Nowhere is hypnotized by the King of Flan to eat large quantities of flan. Muriel and Eustace are among them and become fat in the process. At the end of the episode, Courage and the King of Flan also gain weight from eating flan after Courage undoes the hypnosis.

Courage Under the Volcano (S03E13b)[edit]

A boar gains weight from eating a huge amount of pies.

Muriel Blows Up (S04E06a)[edit]

Courage bloats up after eating a giant carrot out of a giant Muriel.

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