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Counterfeit Cat is a British-Canadian animated television series on Teletoon produced by Wildseed Kids. The series involves around the adventures and friendship of Max (Marc Wootton), a lazy housecat and Gark (Alex Kelly) an alien who disguised himself as a purple knitted cat. Gark crashed his spaceship on Earth, landing in the laundry room of Betty (Kayvan Novak), a klutzy yet kind old woman who is Max's owner. Gark believes that Max is a tiger, the bravest species on Earth, despite Max's cowardice. The two often find themselves in surreal and dangerous situations due to Gark's unstable, bizarre powers, which Max often uses to his own advantage without thinking of the consequences.

Fat Cat (S1Ep14) [edit]

While Max was in the house the whole day, near the end of the episode, Gark encounters him looking two times his size. Later on he leaves the house by the window in order to have a sumo fight with his opponent. Max gets knocked down but gets help by his friends by feeding him lots of food to get even more fatter, leading to Max sitting on the big cat to flee. Max then celebrates but then accidentally squishes someone with his fat, ending the episode.  File:Bathtub of Terror