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Chalkzone = Logo.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Bill Burnett
Larry Huber
Production company Frederator
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Country United States
Original run March 22, 2002 - August 23, 2008

ChalkZone is a cartoon series that lasted from March 2002 to August 2008. It follows the adventures of Rudy Tabootie and his classmate Penny Sanchez as they join the chalk-drawn Snap during adventures in ChalkZone, a world Rudy can enter with his magic chalk.

Chip of Fools (S02E07b)[edit]

During Snap's nightmare after eating from a chocolate chip cookie tree, he becomes fat when alien cookies arrive to capture him. He quickly slims down when he discovers cookie spiders in his belly, later seeing a female fly eat his reflection's head.



If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em (S03E03c)[edit]

Snap finds himself eating a living hamburger that actually begs to be eaten.

The Big Blow Up (S03E11-12)[edit]

All chalk beings inflate when they catch a disease Rudy unleashes by accident.

Gift of Good Intentions (S04E05b)[edit]

Rudy's friends in ChalkZone get food out of Rudy's special boxes that can give anyone the best gift possible. This fattens them up much later.

Calling Dr. Memory (S04E10b)[edit]

One of Snap's memories shows him eating a giant meatball that Skrawl used against him and Rudy.