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Bug Martini (originally just Bug) is a gag-per-day webcomic created by Adam Huber in 2009. Its characters are cockroaches who are used to poke fun at different subjects.

Out Of Shape[edit]

I Hate Meetings[edit]


Harry Porker[edit]

You Say You Want a Resolution[edit]

Vegetarians VS Atkins[edit]

Super Size Me[edit]

Appetite Through the Ages[edit]

Just Desserts[edit]

No Sumo for Youmo[edit]

Treats are Tricky[edit]

Catch Twenty Poo[edit]

Love is in the Air[edit]

Fatty Pants[edit]

Dress for Success[edit]

Much a Dough About Nothing[edit]

Fight Grub[edit]

The Fast and the Famished[edit]

[Enemy Week] Despicable Me[edit]

Catch Twenty Poo: Number Two[edit]

Ab Sense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder[edit]

Age Before Booty[edit]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Fat[edit]

The Blobby[edit]

Glaze be to God[edit]

The Weight to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach[edit]

If Looks Could Grill[edit]

Trefoiled Again[edit]

A Clean Grill of Health[edit]


The Cybernetic Sofa[edit]

That's How the Cookie Dumbbells[edit]

My Fit Personality[edit]

When All's Sled and Done[edit]

Traveling at the Speed of Thin Mints[edit]

Gut Your Losses[edit]

Candy Hush Saga[edit]

Cheese It![edit]

A Twist Of Ate[edit]