Big City Greens

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Big City Greens
Genre Comedy
Developer Chris Houghton
Shane Houghton
Production company Disney Television Animation
Country United States
Original run June 18, 2018 - present

Big City Greens is an American-animated series created by brothers Chris and Shane Houghton. It aired in June 2018 on Disney Channel. It follows the adventures of the Green family, country people who moved to the city (named Big City).

Suite Retreat (S01E12b)[edit]

Gramma goes to buy rats, but the clerk tells her there aren't any left, pointing out the snake that apparently ate them.

Cheap Snake (S01E23b)[edit]

Cricket buys a snake that eventually eats the farm animals.

Skunked (S01E29a)[edit]

The skunks Cricket got to invade Big Coffee swell from irritation, threatening to release their gas throughout the café.

Cricket's Kapowie! (S02E01a)[edit]

Before the commercial shoot, Tilly takes her role of "Girl Eating Donut" too seriously and tries to find "the perfect bite", then at the commercial shoot, she is shown stuffed from the donuts she ate earlier.

Desserted (S02E11a)[edit]

Cricket's plan for treating his family to a meal involves them completing the Crispy's Sundae Challenge, which would make their meal free. Realizing the fault in his plan, he takes responsibility and finishes it on his own.