Battle Spirits: Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero

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Battle Spirits: Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero is a Japan-exclusive anime series based on the trading card game Battle Spirits that has aired since September 2013, straight after the end of Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes.

The main protagonist is Rei the Number One Star, leader of the Number One Star Ship Crew, who is on a quest to find a treasure hidden somewhere in space, the Ultimate Battle Spirits. Along the way, he takes part in card battles, transforming into Zero, who will have a different personality depending on which color card he uses.

The Guardian Deity Arrives! I Am Zero the Silver!! (S01E4)[edit]

Decision!? Strongest in the Galaxy!! (S01E12)[edit]

Shining Star! Female Pirate vs. Number One Star! (S01E13)[edit]

Cross the Gate! Nova vs. Gai-Asura! (S01E25)[edit]

Bright Red Kiriga's Grand Uprising! (S01E29)[edit]

A Star Enters! It’s Zero the Glint! (S01E30)[edit]

The Third Red Dragon! Time for the Heart’s Symbol to Shine!! (S01E31)[edit]

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