American Dragon: Jake Long

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American Dragon: Jake Long
Genre Action
Developer Jeff Goode
Production company Walt Disney Television Animation
Country United States
Original run January 21, 2005 - September 1, 2007

American Dragon: Jake Long is a 2005 American animated series created by Jeff Goode that aired on the Disney Channel from 2005 to 2007. The series follows the exploits of Jake Long, a teenager with the ability to transform into a dragon, as he seeks to protect the people of New York from magical creatures, and the magical creatures of New York from people.

The Egg (S01E08a)[edit]

Trying to get the Griffin egg, Jake and Fu Dog end up in a factory that manufactures chocolate/peanut butter eggs, therefore losing it. They lick every egg until they find it, looking to have gained weight when they do until the egg breaks.

Family Business (S02E07)[edit]

Haley is given Jake's spot in a magazine, so he uses Dragon Giggles out of envy to make her lose control of her dragon abilities.

Game On (S02E28)[edit]

Jake becomes dependent on a magical game controller he uses to "cheat" through life, including gorging himself before reversing the entire meal.

Furious Jealousy (S02E29)[edit]

In the B-plot, Jake goes on a junk food binge, leaving him woefully unprepared to fight the Fury sisters.