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Almost Naked Animals is a Canadian animated series made by Noah Z. Jones, debuting in 2011. It features a dog named Howie, who is the manager of a hotel called the Banana Cabana. Together with his crew, they go on crazy and unusual adventures.

What Would Batty Do? (S01E02a)[edit]

Howie blows up Batty while trying to give him CPR.

Keep On Monster Truckin (S01E03b)[edit]

Howie tries to block a water pipe with his mouth.

Cat's Nine Lives (S01E23b)[edit]

After Howie agrees to be Cat's bodygaurd, he begins by taste-testing every sandwich Piggy hands cat, a process that leaves Howie very fat.

Big bodygaurd howie.png

Champion Gurgitator (S01E20b)[edit]

Howie is filled with watermelons after Yeti sabotages his training.

Howie's Trance Romance (S02E08a)[edit]

Narwhal hypnotizes Octo, Bunny, and Piggy into making him endless amounts of peanut-butter-jelly sandwiches.

The Big Burp Theory (S03E02a)[edit]

Howie accidentally drinks an old can of super carbonated Captain Fizzy's Orange Soda, which causes his belly to expand during the show.