Adventures from the Book of Virtues

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Adventures from the Book of Virtues is an American animated television series that original aired on PBS Kids. It focuses on two kids, Zack and Annie, as they get moral guidance from various stories told by their animal friends in the mountains near their home town.

Work (S01E01)[edit]

In the story of "How the Camel Got His Hump", the genie magically gives the lazy camel his hump, inflating him in the process.

Moderation (S03E09)[edit]

After binge watching a new channel and eating too many sweet, Zach and Annie are told the story of the Cat and the Parrot, a story from India.

it starts out with a cat and parrot, both of which enjoy cooking and eating new foods. When the Parrot prepared a huge dinner and desert, the cat over indulged himself, eating everything without leaving any for the parrot. The cat then falls asleep and has a dream where he has eaten so much that he becomes as big as a house, block roads, and getting stuck between buildings. As he dreams, he swallows everyone who crosses his path and scolds at him; until he ate 2 crabs who then snip themselves and others out of him. The cat then wakes up and has learned about moderation, turning down the basket of cupcakes the parrot offered him.